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rent-a-forklift-denver-colorado5280 Lift Systems is proud to offer Forklift and Equipment Rental services. We know that every situation requires a special piece of equipment and we strive to be the one source you can count on to provide the right equipment for the job.

We offer electric, LPG, and diesel powered forklifts to fit most of your lift capacity needs. Our rental inventory also includes scissor lifts, pallet jacks, boom lifts, and a variety of forklift attachments: Rotators, clamps, push-pulls, carpet poles and fork extensions.

Do you have specific requirements for your particular job? Lift Capacity, operating radius, surface, and ventilation considerations? Let our Customer Care Representatives know and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

Contact us today to receive a quote on the daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly rental that will help you get the right equipment in place to keep your operation moving.

Things to Consider When Renting a Forklift

Fuel Sources

Forklift power supply options include diesel, liquid propane (LP) and battery.

Integral Combustion (IC) engines provide the power, torque, and mobility your job might require. They can be refuelled anywhere at any time which is important when you need to keep production moving. If you need power and plan to operate over long distances these units will be your best option. However, they do emit fumes into the environment and can require more maintenance than an electric unit. LP forklifts provide an appropriate option for interiors if used in properly ventilated spaces.

Electric forklifts are battery operated. This results in quiet, emission-free operations. They tend to be easier to operate and require less maintenance than their IC counterparts. Electric units can take around eight hours to recharge.

Other Forklift Considerations

The type of forklift you need depends on a variety of considerations. These considerations include: operating radius, surface, ventilation and other factors.

Cushion Tire – Must be operated on a hard, smooth surface. Out performs pneumatic tire forklifts when operating a tight turning radius.

Pneumatic Tire – Commonly used on exterior surfaces. Performs well on packed gravel, crushed concrete or stabilized limestone. It can also be employed on hard, smooth surfaces like concrete or well-packed dirt surfaces that are not muddy.

Order-Pickers – These units are also referred to as stock-pickers or man-up forklifts. They can operate in very narrow aisles and have a capacity of 3,500 lbs.

So Many Reasons for a Scissor Lift

rent-a-scissor-denver-coloradoThere is always a need for a scissor lift. So often a traditional ladder is neither safe nor effective in addressing the high reaching needs of multiple types of jobs. When this is the case a scissor lift is the answer. Scissor lifts are safer, stronger, sturdier, and reach higher than ladders. They also allow more than one person to work side by side at the same height without the need for complicated scaffolding. Reach safer heights for building maintenance, theatre program set adjustments, stock seasonal surplus, the possibilities are endless.

Affordable rental rates make this piece of equipment an absolute must when your team needs to work at elevated heights.

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